Neil Shah

Ottawa, Ontario

(originally from Cornwall, ON)

Neil Shah

About Neil Shah

Neil Shah is a Human Resources specialist and a Director of People + Culture. Neil obtained his MBA from Walden University (Minnesota, U.S.) with the distinction of being a Delta Mu Delta for his academic achievement of maintaining a 4.0 GPA. In addition, he completed his certification course in HR with a focus on start-up entrepreneurship from the Harvard School of Business. Presently, Neil is a Doctoral candidate and his research revolves around HR methodologies and employee skill audits. Currently enrolled in a PhD program,  he is on the cusp of completing his education and has a bright future in store once he graduates. 

News & Media

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Neil Shah of Ottawa, Ontario Launches Blog

It is with great enthusiasm that Neil Shah, human resources specialist and Director of People and Culture for a well-known automotive export company, announces that he has launched a new blog, as well as written its inaugural entry.

HR Expert Neil Shah Explains Continued Progress In HR for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Technology and data provide unprecedented opportunities for organizations to identify and remedy discriminatory practices. HR professionals, such as Ottawa, ON native Neil Shah, know this leads to better identification of diversity, equity, and inclusion issues and more effective strategies.

HR Expert Neil Shah Discusses How HR Practices Differ Across Industries

A company’s HR practices reflect the culture and values of that organization. HR Professionals such as Ottawa, Ontario native Neil Shah knows that while some general best practices are standard across many industries, HR is implemented within a company can vary greatly depending on the business.